Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let me take you for a spin (part 2)

Or maybe ALL WET AND CRUMBLED would be a better subject line for this entry? LOL

I have seen people that have washed their journal page and afterwards have been able to unfold the paper and put it back in the journal. But nope, this didn't work as planned in my case. Maybe I should have stuck to 40°C instead of 60°C that I preferred for my robe?

This is what I found in the washing machine. Two things are very obvious, the string has gone bye-bye and the robe still contained enough excess dye to stain. And I guess the third thing is pretty obvious as well, it doesn't lock like I be able to glue a "still pretty neat" page in to my journal.

This is the result! See what I mean about all wet and crumbled? LOL Folding this paper out again was completely impossible. It had merged in to one solid lump of wet, fragile paper pulp and touching it just made it crumble even more. Let's just say that I was happy that I wrapped it up in fabric or else there wouldn't be anything left for me to find. LOL

One thing managed to survive though. See the ant?

The paper you can see on the left side was the back of the washed paper. Now the glued on ants keeps falling of the front page but it stuck in the washer. LOL

Also, as you can probably tell, they dye form the robe DIDN'T stain the paper as I'd hoped for.

And now for the final (dry) result! It didn't turn out too bad I think. The paper had dried in to thick, a bit brittle cardboard, pretty much like the cardboard used for egg boxes/trays, at least here in Sweden. The text says: "Washed in 60°C" and "Well, at least the page is clean"

Time to update the fruitpage again! I have lots of interesting new fruits at home, pineapple, papaya and kiwis, WITHOUT stickers, but at least I found SOME new stickers, much thanks to my mom actually that brought some of her fruit since she shops from a different store and the fruit there have different stickers (I get to kept the fruit as well of course. LOL) So yesterday's harvest was three new orange stickers (on of a new brand), a banana sticker a pear sticker and cute apple sticker. They REALLY should add stickers to more kinds of fruit! LOL

And finally a W.I.P. (Work In Progress) because I've worked on this page for a couple of days without being able to finish it. (For those of you unfamiliar with the journal, I'm supposed to cut out the strips and form a paper chain of them) For some reason I find these strips boring to paint and I've also decide not to make the chain until I've thrown the journal off the balcony since the chain will most likely not survive the fall (and I need company to do the journal throwing since I want someone to wait on the ground). But well, since I want to document this as accurate as possible in time I've decided to show the W.I.P. photo while waiting.


tessibess said...

Haha! What a nice piece of paper. But there is still some of it left ;o)

I think I will put it in a pocket when I wash my white clothes. Not so smart to put it with the dark ones if the paper tears up in molecules LOL It's quite enough with white cat hair...

The ant is a survivor I see =) Tough little creature.

Annefia said...

I wouldn't put it in with white clothes becuase I think the black in were able to stain the fabric a bit. It could of course just be tiny grayish crumbles but I wouldn't trust it.

tessibess said...

Perhaps I shall put the page in a plastic bag, tie it up, and cut several small holes in it? ;o) The page ought to be wet anyway, but I'll avoid the paper molecules =)

Annefia said...

Clever thinking. LOL (As long as the plastic doesn't melt) Every challenge IS after all open for interpretation. LOL