Thursday, March 12, 2009

One week update

Time for the weekly update of the wrecking progress. I'm planning to post a photo of the cover for each week *points to the right side of the screen* to show what happens to the over all look of the journal.

It's no longer as flat, neat and pristine as it was a week ago. But it's more MINE now, more personalized and still in a pretty good shape.

The latest addition to the inside of my journal is my grocery list. Grocery lists are always boring but I tried to spice it up with sparkly pens and little stars. Not that it helped much. LOL I've also kept the receipt. In 10 years from now it can be interesting (read: tragic) to go bad to see how much the prices have gone up. Or well, I'm pretty sure I will be able to see a huuuge change even within a year. :o(

Liquid washing soap *
Baby oil
Fruit yoghurt
Kitty litter
Soured Milk **
Toilet paper
Tuna (cat food)
Chicken wings
Läkerol ***
Crème Fraiche
Green cheese
Potato wedges

* more environmental friendly than detergent
** A bit similar to yoghurt, you eat it with cereal
*** throat pastilles (kind of)
**** Added after the photo was taken

Phew! Writing grocery lists in English is hard since I'm not sure all products even exist in English speaking countries. The Filmjölk/Soured milk is a typical Swedish thing and so is Läkerol (even though we've exported those to some countries)

Anyway, newly bought fruit also means new fruit stickers. Yummmmm!!! Fruit!!! 2 melon stickers (I really like the big one but the second on looks just like the old banana sticker), 4 mango stickers and some more orange stickers (not much stickers for all the oranges I've bought though but I didn't actually buy them for the stickers. LOL)


Uniflame said...

Good wrecking! I actually have got 2 fruit stickers in there. I stole them from the banana's at my moms place XD

Annefia said...

Congrats to finally finding som fruitstickers!

My biggest problem at the moment is the stamps. I don't get mails with stamps any more.