Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's here! It's here!!!

Yay! My journal arrived today! :o)

Look at it! Look how brand new, shiny and pristine it looks! Unharmed, unused, undamaged, unpainted, UNWRECKED, pretty much un-everything! And yes, it actually IS all of these since I didn't allow myself to start the wrecking until I'd updated the blog. I really want to document this properly so when I say that it's still pristine, it really IS. But not for long though! Muahahaha!

I actually feel sorry for the poor thing... well almost at least. It could have ended up in far worse hands than mine. LOL I will even be nice to it (and myself) and start off with some of the less harmful wrecking exercises. I will rather put my pens to it than sink my teeth in to it (lets face it, people that have done so already say that it tastes bitter and yucky. LOL) But I sooo look forward to this!



Uniflame said...

Oooh look how nice and shiny! It reminds me that my journal used to look like that ;) Not that long ago actually ;)

Have fun wrecking!!

Annefia said...

Pretty, isn't it? Well, I HAD to document this stage as well before staring the wrecking. Especially since I'd seen how fast things went downhill for your poor journal. LOL

Uniflame said...

LOL, but that is just because I was reckless XD

Annefia said...

Shouldn't that be called "wreckless" in this case? Or maybe "wreckful"? LOL