Saturday, March 7, 2009

När trollmor har lagt de elva små trollen...

När trollmor har lagt de elva små trollen
och bundit fast dom i svansen,
då sjunger hon sakta för elva små trollen
de vackraste ord hon känner;

Ho aj aj aj aj buff
Ho aj aj aj aj buff
Ho aj aj aj aj buff buff
Ho aj aj aj aj buff

When the troll mother has put the eleven little trolls to bed
and tied them down by their tails
she's singing slowly to eleven little trolls
the most beautiful words she knows;

Ho aj aj aj aj buff
Ho aj aj aj aj buff
Ho aj aj aj aj buff buff
Ho aj aj aj aj buff

Yes, I did take the journal with it to bed last night and yes, I even sung my favorite Swedish lullaby to it; The troll mother's lullaby. I've tried to translate it to you but it takes a lot more words to say the same things in English so I doubt it would be possible to sing the translation (not that you know the melody anyway LOL) And part of the song is in trollish which I'm not able to translate. LOL

I've used color pencils and a very soft lead pencils (more suitable for shading while drawing for real then for outlines and writing) for this page to try to capture the soft and fleeting feeling of dreams (it will most likely become more messy and blurry after a while but so do dreams when you wake up)

On the right side I tried to "describe the experience" as requested. More Swedish for you to learn. LOL Or you can stick to reading the translation instead.

  • It felt a little bit odd to sleep with a book

  • Even more odd to sing a lullaby to it, but I miss singing

  • It was a bit bumpy and messy until I had found the right place for the book

  • Besides from that I didn't notice it at all and slept well

  • No special journal related dreams

I know, not a very exciting description but I have had more exciting company in my bed before. There just wasn't much to describe. LOL

I think the most important thing I've gotten from this is the realization that I miss singing. I use to sing a lot while younger but life sort of took that away from me. Maybe I should bring out my song books again?


Anonymous said...

I love the song and your drawing. I think it's a great idea how you wrote it.

Normally I'm only in bed with the kind of books that keeps me awake. LOL


Annefia said...

Same thing here. But I usually put those books on my nightstand before falling asleep, not under my pillow. LOL

I knew you would like that song. Remind me to sing it to you and Ilvara next time we talk. LOL

Uniflame said...

This page is so adorable. I love the little trolls!

Annefia said...

Thanks! :o) < - - trollnosed smiley LOL