Friday, March 20, 2009

A whiter shade of pale

In case you've gotten tired of all those bright and bold colors I'm giving you something completely different this time, an all white page.

Old buttons, velvety stickers (the lace thingy on the right page) felt hearts, fabric flowers and lots of Quick Kutz cut outs.. oh yes, and a snow flake braid as well. This page was quite fun to do but it was less fun to photograph. White on white doesn't always show up very well. There are four jigsaw piece shaped cutouts glued to the left page, two above the heart and two bellow. Some of them show up a lot less than others though.

BTW, remember this nice, silvery flowers I had stamped on the front cover? You can forget them now because they show up even less. It appears that the ink didn't stick to the cover. They got all smudged out when I handled the journal even after drying for several hours and I was able to wipe them all off with a piece of paper.

It's really hard to doodle on the cover as requested since nothing shows up on black and the colors don't even stick to the surface. The poor ants have fallen off a couple if time as well so even glue has a problem to stick to the surface. So, so much for the 2 weeks update photo to the right, that is NOT how the journal actually looks any more. LOL But still, it WAS how it look for a couple of hours today.


Anonymous said...

I thought about a good pen for the cover. There is a pen I think will fit for it. I have a silver pen at home, one that is based on some chemical which must have a warning sign on the pen... It is a stinky pen, but it dries on glossy paper too, I think. (Du vet en sån där som man måste skaka innan man använder den, och trycka in udden för att få ut färgen. Men den stinker som sagt... =)

It shouldn't surprise me at all if my journal doesn't show up until monday...

Uniflame said...

I love your white page! I find that page one of the harder ones myself. But I have decorated it yesterday with some white flower stickers. But I need to find more things ;)

@ Tess: When you start wrecking, will you share it on a blog too?

Anonymous said...

No journal in my mailbox today =( Now I have to wait for a whole weekend too!!! *bah*


The blog is started already. But there's nothing in it yet =)

Annefia said...

Tess: It's too bad you haven't gotten your journal yet. I had to wait quite a while for min too (I chose the free shipping at Bokus) So when do we get to see the blog? *curious*

I know exactly what kind of pen you mean. I had one like that but it had gone dry unfortunately.

Uniflame: It CAN be a bit tricky to work with white on white, especially if you don't have enough fun white stuff. I had no clue how my page would look until I was done with it. The only thing I was sure I was going to use was the velvety lace sticker.